Includes our Autumn Cleanse and Seaonal Support Workshop (Rutacharya Program)

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Finding Balance with Nature

Seasonal Support- Rutacharya Workshop

Ayurveda shares the unique relationship between man and universe and how we can utilize this understanding for reflecting greater health by moving with the seasons for optimizing energy, immunity and vitality for the year to come.

Our Autumn Rutcharya (Seasonal Regimen) Program includes:

Autumn Dinacharya (daily selfcare) Tips

Daily Autumn Checklist

Autumn Regimen Webinar with Carlisle Amlak

Pranayama and Movement Webinar with Zaplin Vermie

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

BONUS Autumn Food Guide

All recordings are ONLINE for easy playback. You are invited to join our AYURVEDA STUDY GROUP on Facebook for Q&A Sessions and Bonus Webinars.

Seasonal Cleanse

It's Time for a Cleanse

If you have been thinking about jump starting your health this may be the perfect program for you. Some of the benefits of Ayurvedic Cleanse Programs include:

More Energy

Balanced Digestion

Mental Clarity

Enthusiasm and Endurance

Skin Health

Balanced Healthy Weight

Better Sleep

Less Stress

and so much more!

Cleanse Program begins self paced Oct 8. Details for 3,7 and 10 day program included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do these programs start?

Upon registration you will receive links to the online portal- save them!

The Autumn Rutacharya class will be available Sept 15 and serves as a transition and preparation for the new season and cleanse.

The Autumn Cleanse will begin Oct 8, but can be easily fit into your schedule. You will receive detailed instructions by email prior to the start date to begin preparing. At that time private consultations will be scheduled.

What if I have never cleansed before?

Cleansing is recommended in some form for every season to completely release any excess dosha or impurity from the season before. This is the BEST preparation for seasonal change and serves as the #1 way of keeping the immune system balanced year round.

If this is your first time congratulations! All programs are individualized for maximum care. Whether you are a seasoned cleanser or new to the program we will find a comfortable approach to meet your goals.