It's Time for a Cleanse

If you have been thinking about jump starting your health this may be the perfect program for you. Some of the benefits of Ayurvedic Cleanse Programs include:

More Energy

Balanced Digestion

Mental Clarity

Enthusiasm and Endurance

Skin Health

Balanced Healthy Weight

Better Sleep

Less Stress

and so much more!

Self Paced Programs with flexible 3,7 and 10 day offerings.

The Experience

"Bi-annual Pancha Karma with Carlie and Zaplin has become one of the most important pieces of my yoga practice. I didn't realize that when I began my spring cleanse four years ago under their gentle, attentive and very knowledgable care. But since then, each Pancha Karma has been uniquely enlightening, restorative and strengthening. Through this practice I have found a deeper understanding of my physical, mental and spiritual self and achieved a greater connection to my practice and the world around me.

This is certainly a challenging practice- it will test you- but I can attest that few practices are as sweet and rewarding. "


Daily Outlines

Supportive guides for daily planning of meals and herbs not only for the duration of the cleanse itself but the time after to maintain balance and integration in the home. Recipe shares and seasonal food guides make it easy to implement.

Home Therapies

You will be guided in a step-by-step outline of self-care practices and cleansing procedures that will support the change of season or personal goals in your cleansing program.

Shopping lists and recommendations are provided upon registration to make it easy to plan the perfect time for your home program.

The beauty of distance healing is that you can implement the practices into your schedule either following an easeful cleanse outline or making it a mini-retreat in your own home.

Program outlines will be provided for 3, 7 and 10 day programs that allow you the flexibility to say YES to cleansing in a way that feels right to you.

Client Support

We are here for the process!

Upon registration you will receive access to all the guides and outlines to begin your course. What makes this program special is that it includes 2 Private Consultations to finalize your Program Outline and answer any questions that come up along the way.

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