Foundations of Movement

Application of Asana in Daily Life

4 Week Intro Program Includes:

  • Weekly Movement Class
  • Breakdown of Asanas
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Maha Vidya Foundation Sequence
  • Surya Namaskar Workshop
  • Access to Private Group Facebook Page
  • Monthly Group Calls with our Global Sangha

Self-Paced Online Program

Program serves as a pre-requisite for our on-going weekly movement offerings that dive into greater depth of practice and theory of Asana and Pranayama.

Tradition of Practice

Drawing from personal practice, masterful recommendations from teachers and guiding inspiration and scriptural studies, Maha Vidya Yoga and Ayurveda strives to maintain a traditional approach to teaching through online course presentation. Teachers are available for question and answer privately or through our monthly Group Zoom Calls with the global sangha to create an atmosphere of community learning and exploration of the teachings.

Upon completion of the course we recommend you join us for our Individualized Practice Coaching Sessions or our LIVE Yogasana and Pranayama Program every Monday at 7:00pm.

For those interested in learning more- inquire about our 500 Hour Professional Ayurveda Program with our sister school in Pune, India.


Movement Practices

Fundamentals of movement principles shared including safely moving from center, sun salutations, postures for the legs, arms and spine.


Awareness of Breath

Explanation and practice shares of the foundation of pranayama including seated postures, practice and application into daily movement and asana.

Safe and effective simple practices for increasing energy.



Following our Asana and Pranayama programs the natural step is seated meditation for the cultivation of deep healing and lasting peace. Theory and practice is shared individually for those who have completed the Asana and Pranayama intensives.

Asana Course Registration