Summer Season is Coming in HOT

Do you feel like the summer heat is cranking up too high? Are you tired of that drained, sluggish feeling that comes with the midday sun. Have you've noticed your mood flickering like the hazy heat on a hot afternoon. We've got a refreshing solution for you!

Our Summer Rutacharya (Seasonal Regimen) Program​ is a complete guide to harnessing the vibrant energy of summer, while countering its fiery intensity.

Instead of just surviving summer, how about you thrive in it? 

Summer Dinacharya Tips: Daily self-care rituals tailored for the summer season. Because every day deserves a little self-love!

Daily Summer Checklist: A transformative, easy-to-follow guide to help you embrace the summer vibes, while staying cool and collected.

Summer Regimen: Insightful guidance on how to move with the summer rhythm, optimizing your health and vitality for the seasons to come.

Pranayama: Tap into the power of your breath, helping you stay centered amidst the summer heat.

Rosewater Recipe Handout: A refreshing treat to create your own soothing rosewater - perfect for those hot summer days!

BONUS 1:1 Summer Wellness Session with one of our Maha Vidya Health Advisors

BONUS Summer Food Guide: Because what's summer without delicious food? We're adding a bonus guide filled with summer-friendly recipes to keep you nourished and hydrated.

Who says you have to wilt under the summer heat? Let's thrive in the vibrant energy of the season, maintain our cool and make this a summer to remember! Filled not just with sun-soaked fun, but also with a sense of balance and vitality you can feel deep within. 

Empower From Within

Don't let the summer heat wreak havoc on your digestion or energy levels. Let's turn that around and enjoy the season to its fullest!

By focusing on digestive support, the power of herbs, and the optimal diet for the late Spring and Summer season, you can navigate through these sunny months with energy, comfort, and a radiant smile from the inside out.

We'll introduce you to practical, easy-to-adopt tools for home use, designed to enhance you and your family's summer well-being. Enjoy all the activities with all of your energy!

Revitalize and Rejuvenate

Arm yourself with nature's finest tools and ensure your summer is all about radiant health and self-love.

Integrate Ayurvedic secrets of skin care, self-care, and experience the power of locally cultivated plants to stay cool and nourished throughout the summer. From soothing sunburns to providing natural hydration, these practices are your key to a healthier, happier and more wholesome summer.

If you need a little extra support, don't worry, we've got you covered! Enjoy the bounty of our garden through our home-grown herbal and flower skincare products, ready to be delivered to your doorstep as the season flourishes. 

Empower your summer self-care regimen equipped with nature's best defenses!

Revamp your Routine

Shine all Summer long!

Harness the wisdom of traditional Dinacharya, or daily regimen, to help you navigate the fiery Pitta season with grace and ease.

We'll dive into the revered practices outlined in the Ashtanga Hridayam. Learn how to implement these age-old techniques to stay cool, comfortable, and full of vitality, even in the face of the most challenging heat.

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