Summer Season is Coming in HOT

Ayurveda shares the unique relationship between man and universe and how we can utilize this understanding for reflecting greater health by moving with the seasons for optimizing energy, health and vitality for the year to come.

Our Summer Rutcharya (Seasonal Regimen) Program includes:

Summer Dinacharya (daily selfcare) Tips

Daily Summer Checklist

Summer Regimen with Carlisle Amlak

Pranayama with Zaplin Vermie

Rosewater Recipe Handout

BONUS Summer Food Guide

Internal Support

Discussion on digestive support, herbs and diet for the late Spring and Summer Season.

We will briefly share tools you can easily utilize in your own home to support you and your family for summertime comfort.

External Self Healing

Skincare, self care and what you can do with locally harvested or cultivated plants to COOL out this summer.

Need additional support? We are happy to share our garden harvests with you! Home grown herbal and flower skincare available to send to you as the season grows.

Lifestyle Practices

Traditional Dinacharya or daily regimen outlines shared to support the heat of Pitta season.

We will discuss practices outlined in the Ashtanga Hridayam and their implementation for how to stay comfortable and healthy in the heat.

This course is closed for enrollment.