Finding Balance with Nature

Ayurveda shares a unique perspective on the relationship between the individualized human and greater universal activity, considering how to best utilize this reciprocal relationship to reflect greater personal health by shifting our self-care and survival routines in correspondence with the seasons to optimize our energy, immunity and vitality for the upcoming year.

Our Spring Rutcharya (Seasonal Regimen) Program includes:

Spring Dinacharya (daily self-care) Tips

Daily Spring Checklist

Spring Regimen Webinar with Carlisle Amlak

Pranayama and Movement Webinar with Zaplin Vermie

Spring Planting Guide

BONUS Spring Food Guide

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Self paced for easy access

Internal Support

Discussion on digestive support, herbs and diet for the late Winter and Spring Season.

We will share tools you can easily utilize in your own home to support you and your family for gentle cleansing and immune support.

This can bring support lightness, clarity, and energy while reducing the potential for allergies and Spring season colds and flus.

External Self-Healing

Skincare, self-care and what you can do with locally harvested or cultivated plants to keep skin healthy.

Spring is the season to reduce excess heaviness accumulated during winter. We will share with you tips for lightening therapy that benefits the whole body.

Need additional support? We will be sharing our garden planting schedule with you! If you don't plant to have a home grown garden our herbal and flower skincare and ayurvedic healing products are available on our Etsy Shop.

Lifestyle Practices

Traditional Dinacharya or daily regimen outlines shared to support the variations in Kapha season.

We will discuss practices outlined in the Ashtanga Hridayam and their implementation for how to stay comfortable and healthy in this time of fluctuation.

This includes personal practices in relation to movement, pranayama, meditation, bath rituals, sleep patterns and dietary recommendations for the season.

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